Fastec Profiled Fillers

Profiled Filler Blocks

Filler Small Flute
Filler Small Flute
Filler Small Flute

Profiled Filler Blocks serve to seal cavities between profiled sheeting and adjacent materials or substrates, such as flashings. They are manufactured to order, to your exact requirements, and are available in a wide range of combinations and variations.

Angled Cut Profiled Fillers
Angled Cut Fillers are used where the sheet edge is at an angle. When ordering, please provide the following information:
1) Roof Pitch Angle in degrees (o)
2) Angle on plan in degrees (o)
3) Left hand or right hand (as viewed from ridge for hip fillers, and as viewed from ground for valley fillers).
If equal quanitities of left handed and right handed are required, order the total linear metres as "50% handed".
Ventilated Filler Blocks
Ventilated filler blocks allow airflow to the roof space by means of Holes, V-Cuts (large flute) or Crown Cut (small flute).
Mesh Inserts to the holes can be specified to deny access to inserts and vermin.
Self-adhesive filler blocks
Available with either mastic or adhesive tape, both factory applied, to aid with installation.
Extended Wall Heights
For composite panel applications an extended wall height may be specified.
Double profiled filler blocks
These fillers are cut to match both the outer and inner sheet profile.
Block Fillers
Any shape or block can be cut, including chamfer blocks and other shapes.
Profile Options
When ordering please quote the manufacturer and the profile reference.
Flute Options
SF Small Flute (or Eaves Fillers)
LF Large Flute (or Ridge Fillers)
Pairs Both Flute sizes
Material Options
Polyethylene Colours: Black, White or Black/White
EPDM Colour: Black
Fire Resistant Colour: Self Colour