Parapet Outlet - SBS Membrane Faced

Parapet Outlet - SBS Membrane Faced


Rainwater outlets designed for use with bituminous flat roofing systems in refurbishment applications. 

With a 600mm length pipe for one piece through wall applications, these Fastflow SBS rainwater outlets are manufactured from robust polypropylene with a torch-on SBS bitumen flange. The flange size is 400mm x 500mm, giving a large bond area and making them very quick and simple to install.
Very quick and easy to install
600mm length x 110mm diameter pipe for through wall designs
Robust torch-on bituminous flange
Leafguard design reduces blockages from leaves
Pipe is robust and does not dent, yet is easily cut
Polypropylene pipe helps to reduce condensation
Product Code
FW P SBS 110
Outlet Pipe Diameter (mm) Outlet Pipe Length (mm)
110 600

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