Halter & Secret Fix - Stainless Steel

Fastec DS3 SS SF Secret-fix Fasteners - STAINLESS STEEL

ds3 ss sf secret-fix fastener

Fastec range of Stainless Steel secret fix fasteners an unobtrusive low profile head design for attaching secret fix system clips and brackets.

For fastening to steel - Thickness 1.2 - 3.5mm
Head diameter: 9mm (4.8mm fastener), 13mm (5.5mm fastener)

Designed for secret fix roofing systems requiring minimum head protrusion
Positive drive bit engagement from deep head recess
Drill point quickly penetrates up to 1.2mm steel (4.8 diameter version) and up to 3.5mm (5.5mm diameter version)
Product Code
DS3 SS SF 4.8 x 16
DS3 SS SF 4.8 x 25
DS3 SS SF 5.5 x 25
Buildup (mm)
0 - 3
0 - 8
0 - 8
Drive Style