Flat Roofing Fasteners for Concrete substrates

Fastec HD 6.3 Fasteners

Fastec SXS BZP Frame Fixings

The Fastec HD 6.3 Fastener is designed to achieve excellent performance when fastening to structural concrete, timber and steel decks. For use with the Fastec tube washer range and Fastec pressure plates.

Heavy duty universal fastener for concrete, timber and steel
High pull out and back out resistance
Easy to use with Torx 25 drive
Low profile head
High performance corrosion resistance
Compatible with many tube washers

For fastening to concrete, timber and steel decks. (When fastening HD 6.3 fasteners into concrete, a 5.0mm diameter pilot hole is required.)

Drive style TX25.
Thread length 100mm.

Product Code
HD 6.3 x 50
HD 6.3 x 75
HD 6.3 x 100
HD 6.3 x 125
HD 6.3 x 150
HD 6.3 x 175
HD 6.3 x 200
HD 6.3 x 225
Minimum Fastener Penetrations
Structural Concrete 30mm embedment (5.0mm pilot hole)
Steel (0.7 - 1.6mm): 15mm through underside
Plywood/OSB (min 18mm thickness): 12mm through underside
Timber purlins: 35mm embedment
Timber decking (min 25mm thickness): 12mm through underside