Technical CPD Seminars for Designers & Architects

CPD Seminar

Presented by experienced technical advisors, our CPD seminars combine in-depth technical knowledge and best practice guidance with real life scenarios.

  • Helps you to ensure compliance and durability
  • Technical explanations of real life situations
  • Engaging and relevant content (not disguised sales pitches!)
  • Delivered via video conferencing facilities for convenience

Technical & Compliance

Rely on our technical expertise and support to maximise the profitability of your contracts, without compromising compliance and durability.

Treating and Preventing Metal Corrosion

This technical CPD seminar addresses the following key topics:

  • The causes of corrosion and how salt water and other factors accelerate corrosion
  • To understand how coating systems halt corrosion in metal structures
  • Examples of frequent incidents of corrosion in metal structures
  • Guidance on the different types of corrosion protection and the benefits of each
  • Approx. 40 mins long

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