About Fastec 

Although often hidden from view, the components within a roof or wall have a crucial part to play in the performance and lifespan of a building.

We are very passionate about them – their design, performance and quality – and we have been for over 30 years!

We can talk all day long about fasteners, thread designs, stainless steel, lightning protection...

But we won't bore you with all that!

Based in Manchester UK, our 20,000 sq ft manufacturing and training facilities ensure that we can fully support designers, manufacturers and contractors with component systems for high-performance, compliant and visually striking façade and roof designs.

Whether you need a confidential bespoke manufacturing agreement or a partner to support your ambitious facade design, reach out to Fastec - you will be refreshed by our simple and open approach.

Until then, take care and keep happy designing, installing, welding, whatever your trade!

Technical Support - on call

Rely on our technical expertise and support to maximise the profitability of your contracts, without compromising compliance and durability.

Call our team today on 0161 945 1440

CPD Seminars

You can take full advantage of our vast technical expertise by joining our CPD seminar programme. Delivered at your offices or via video link – visit our CPD seminar page for more information.